Private equity disputes

I advise and represent parties involved in private equity disputes, including advising:

    • Members of English private equity or investment limited liability partnerships (LLPs) in dispute with their fellow partners or members.

    • Placement agents on recovery of fees/disputes as to the correct level of fees following commitment of equity or other event(s)/services giving rise to entitlement to a fee.

    • Private equity investment funds on issues arising following acquisition or disposal of assets, including alleged misrepresentation and misdescription of assets and breach of warranty (in relation to funds based in any jurisdiction where the jurisdiction for dispute resolution is England and Wales).

Private equity disputes usually involve large amounts of money, and can affect multiple parties, whose time might well be better spent pursuing the success and profitability of the business venture in question or other business ventures.

Accordingly my primary focus is always to consider and pursue potential routes to early settlement.

But where necessary I have the knowledge and experience  required (gained over a considerable period, as well as recently) to issue and/or conduct court proceedings (or other dispute resolution processes), on behalf of claimants or defendants.

As well as having specific experience in this sector, I am a recognised expert in the fields of partnership law, partnership disputes and LLP member disputes.

If you would like a confidential, no obligation discussion to explore how I can assist you, please contact me.